2013 – Lea's Prom-Night / Holiday to France / MX Training - UPDATED!

WINTER 2012 – snowboarding and a new bike!

SUMMER 2012 – big Croatia road trip and Lea's Konfirmation

WINTER 2011– skiing trip and quick trip to the UK

SUMMER 2011 – Finnley finishes school and off to Croatia

WINTER2010 – xmas trip to england

AUTUMN 2010 – end of season MX training

SUMMER 2010 – road-trip around switzerland, italy, france and austria

WINTER 2009 –More baby goats - xmas at home!

SUMMER 2009 – holiday in Tuscany /bits and bobs

SPRING 2009 –The goats arrive / we visit ireland

WINTER 2008 another long cold hard winter and finally the snow goes

AUTUMN 2008 quick trick to the lake, motocross/enduro end of season

ITALY 2008 our summer holiday in the sun!

SUMMER 2008 from France to Munich

SPRING 2008 a very mild spring with loads to do

WINTER 2007 Rain, rain and more rain, Snow in the hills

SEPT 2007 Short break to Lake Garda

JULY 2007 Grandma / Grandad / Callum come to visit?

JUNE 2007 Holiday to Croatia

MAY 2007 Rain shortage.....who cares?

APRIL 2007 Spring is on its way!

MARCH 2007 Visit to ENGLAND

JAN 2007 Still no snow!

DEC 2006 Finnley's B/Day but no snow this year!

NOV 2006 Back to the 60's

SEPT 2006 the Badminton Club have a BBQ

SEPT 2006 after a years break we off to Italy again

AUG 2006 Rain, Rain go away, come again.....just bugger off

JULY2006 Summer is still with us!


SPRING2006 its getting warmer....maybe!

FEB2006 ski holiday to Switzerland

JAN 2006 still cold, still snow and still had enough of it!

WINTER 2005 the snow has arrived

AUTUM 2005 the last few warm sunny days of 2005

AUG 2005 webster invasion

JUNE2005 summer's here

MAI 2005 lets go camping

APRIL 2005 its getting warmer

MARCH 2005 still snow!

FEB 2005 snow and more snow!

JAN 2005 cold ,snow has arrived again!

WINTER 2004 short trip to the UK and Halloween

Autumn 2004 a golden october would have been nice

Italy 2004 our long awaited holiday on the adriatic coast

Spring / Summer 2004 The summer that never really came!

Jan/Feb/Mar 2004 will the snow ever go away?

Dec 2003/04 Xmas in the UK, New Years Eve in Germany

WINTER 2003 No snow yet, but Christmas is comming


JULY 2003 Happyness and outside concerts

JUNE2003 Cats, Dogs and Aeroplanes !#*+*# ?

MAY 2003 Petra's ??? Birthday Party

April 2003 Lea's 5th Birthday Party

Jan/Feb 2003Loads of snow, but an unfortunate slip !

Xmas & New Year 2002/3Short trip to England, Lea & Daddy.

Dec 2002Finnley's 2nd Birthday Party

Oct 2002 The leaves fall from the trees and it's Halloween.

Sept 2002 – Our Holiday in Italy, 2 weeks in the hot sun, sand and blue sea.

Carl's Cruser – Get the polish out summer here, on ya bike mate !

Our family Crest – managed to get hold of our family crest from Ireland.

Invasion – The Lewis/Dwyer family come to visit us in Germany.

Winter 2002 – The long cold winter months have arrived with shed loads of snow.